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Design Price and Printing Price:

We truly keep YOU in control of your books and your promotions, by allowing you to determine what and how many items you purchase to promote your book. We break it down so you can find exactly what you need and AS you can afford it.

Word of Mouth Marketing Kit:

This marketing kit is designed to give the author materials to hand out to friends, associates, co-workers, or clients.

Each piece is designed based on the cover artwork and has a unique feel to meet the special needs of each and every author.

Our Word of Mouth Marketing Kit, gives you the tools you need to reach your peers. Hand them out at book signings, conferences, seminars and during travel. Every marketer knows the secret to success is getting your name out there. We allow you to do just that.

This kit includes custom designs for the following:

  • 4” x 6” Postcards
  • 2.5” x 6” BookMarks
  • 2” x 3.5” Business Cards

Don’t Want All 3?

4” x 6” Postcards   
2” x 3.5” Business Cards  
2.5” x 6” BookMarks  



Printing Services Available

Want us to print them for you? No problem. Other companies tell you how much to buy.  We leave it up to you. Buy a little or buy a lot. We can get you a quote and guarantee you a great deal!

Need more? Tell us and we’ll get you a custom quote.

Buy a Package. Save Money.

Printed and Shipped to you:

  • WOM Printing Kit 1: 100 Postcards, 100 Business Cards, 100 BookMarks:
  • WOM Printing Kit 2: 250 Postcards, 250 Business Cards, 250 BookMarks:

Need more? Tell us and we’ll get you a custom quote.

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